Grilled Wings

Buffalo Wings grilled by the BBQ Pit Boys
Not all real good Hot Wings come from Buffalo. The BBQ Pit Boys show you how easy it is to make up some real smokin’ hot Buffalo Wings on the grill, for tailgating parties or that back-yard barbecue. And, save those celery sticks and the Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing for the Girlie Men! It’s all about tender smoked wings and the Fire Sauce around here! To print out this recipe go to

25 Responses to Grilled Wings

  1. glockstar76 says:

    this is the correct way, im from buffalo and im also the guy who invented
    buffalo wings and this is how i did it…so suck my muther fuckin dick! pit
    boyz rule!!!!

  2. Danny Ate-A-Lot says:

    who needs a season for grilling? I’m grilling right now with 8″ of snow on
    the ground.

  3. Gabriel G says:

    best chef ***** thank a lot

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Haha you’re funny old man. What’s this grudge you have with Buffalo? 

  5. Alan Bailey says:

    You bbq blokes are the Bomb, I can’t help rewatching your Videos, over and
    over again to pick up tips as a newbie in the BBQ Pit world.

    I just got my very First BBQ and am Rearing to move out so I can use it and
    the tips I’m picking up in each of your videos are fantastic!

    Making me hungry!

  6. pdg90 says:

    Your food NEVER sticks to the grates! Please tell me, how?!

  7. moccina says:

    Narrator’s voice reminds me of Mickey Rourke from the movie SPUN
    aka “the cook” but I’m not talking BBQ haha

  8. lemdunn13 says:

    Those wings look GOOD!!

  9. Kaleb S. says:


  10. Loganeffecto says:

    Sling blade? Good vid :)

  11. PChelpism says:

    god did that look good

  12. Lynn Kramer says:

    Where did all the rest of the wings go? You started with about 5 lbs of
    them, and when finished there was only 1 or 2 lbs left. What the hell?

  13. skyshark1000 says:

    LMAO at all the girlie men yankees that got mad at you. Went through and
    read their comments. Hilarious that they get their panties in a wad so
    easily. Anyway, would take your bbq hot wings over their deep fried any day
    of the week. Great job!

  14. bevernesto1 says:

    No girly men here sir!!! Bacon and wings SIR!!!!

  15. videobyallen says:

    Man. You sure pissed of a bunch of yanks. They’re just jealous.

    I smoke my wings for bout n hour. Fry em a lil if they aint crispy. Sauce
    em. Throw em back on the grill for a few. Then eat them bitches. Its

  16. SonBoogie says:

    he tossed that celery shit to the woods…lmao!

  17. DelbertStinkfester says:

    OMGosh my mouth is watering

  18. keith0716999 says:

    if your going to eat hot wings they have to be messy 

  19. Matthew Anthony says:

    Girlie man? Go get some suicide wings from the anchorbar, or duffs, and
    tell me how big your vagina gets. You’ll be eating that bluecheese off the
    ground. Them wings do look really good though.

  20. korndog725 says:

    Loved it when u tossed the celery n dip on the ground lol

  21. drobs87 says:

    Damn that smell good

  22. GrimReaper99NF says:

    I normally cook 5 to 10 pounds of frozen wings indirectly for about 40
    minutes turning after 20 minutes, then I drop a couple pounds at a time
    into the wing sauce coating them real good, then return them to the grill
    and cook them directly for about 20 minutes, turning and moving them around
    every few minutes so they don’t burn during the final 20 minutes. They’re
    always a big hit when we’re throwing shoes in the pits out in the yard.

  23. MAXI MAX says:

    I just got hungry again, and I just ate lunch. I just got one thing to
    say, that guy doing the cooking has some clumsy hands. 

  24. StormLaker1975 says:

    Assuming the sauce recipe is on your website. I got a bottle of Ghost
    Pepper hot sauce with a rap sheet a mile long just waiting to sauce up some
    wings! You never know when that little bastard in a glass bottle might show
    up around the pit, haha:-)

  25. JISINSANE3 says:

    I fry wings. interesting concept. and I have yet to taste anything from
    these men to not taste like it belongs in a 5 star restaurant. will try it.
    Cheers BBQ Up!

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