Grilled Turkey

Apple Cider Turkey recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys
Tell mama no more dried out Turkey for your holiday dinner anymore. Watch step by step how to make an Apple Cider brine and then slow roast a Turkey on the grill. And, it’s real easy to do with these few simple tips, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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25 Responses to Grilled Turkey

  1. BarbecueWeb says:

    Cookin’ up a turkey on the grill, BBQ Pit Boys style….

  2. Shane Wallace says:

    I tried this exact recipe then smoked it. Best turkey I’ve ever eaten!!!!!!
    Appreciate it guys!!

  3. lidex says:

    OK, i officially love this channel. I worked in kitchens for 25 years and i
    love to cook. This video presentation and production values are 5 star.
    You’re not fooling me with the backwoods shtick – you guys know your shit
    and i am drooling right now ready to try this myself. Everything was clear
    and concise and obviously well thought out, even the visual presentation.
    Nicely done. Thanks so much.

  4. Darth Belal says:

    So, you think a touch of apple and hickory chips to the coals would be
    overkill or what?

  5. L Warren says:

    Thank you for this recipe


    man that’s to much grub for 2 guys where the women at

  7. CGNation says:

    Can you use an oven instead of a grill would the result be the same 

  8. Lyna Love says:

    Hi. Is it okay to add cilantro leaves? Awesome video by the way.

  9. Danny Meeker says:

    This was my first Thanksgiving turkey, so I used this recipe. Whenever I
    opened up the grill to baste, I threw some water-soaked apple wood chips
    over the fire. Thank you, BBQ Pit Boys for making my first turkey a

  10. cubcadet1983 says:

    This has to be atleast the fifth time I watched this episode. This is a
    good real good turkey here. I did the same thing with a brisket and ribs
    and a beef claude. Man it works with everything. I really love it with fish
    but I make a sauce out of the brine minus the salt. It works.

  11. Thomas Nanookify says:

    I used this recipe this Thanksgiving. I could not keep the guest away from
    the turkey. My wife kept sneaking pieces off the bird. It went so fast I
    didn’t get to take a picture of it. But I will tell you it was a true hit.
    Great recipe.

  12. ishamaini1 says:

    you guys are such a pleasure to watch! I can’t wait to try this recipe out
    this year 😀 

  13. VK7001.P says:

    grate scot i forgot i was watching a vid and was nawing on the tv

  14. Vince Baker says:

    I followed this brine recipe verbatim. My turkey came out awesome. Everyone
    complimented my bird. They said it was the best they ever had. The only
    difference was I used an oven. Thanks guys. Still eating juicy left-overs.

  15. dualeeo1 says:

    This Is The BEST Brine & Turkey Iv’e Ever Had !!!!! ,,,, Super Moist ,,
    Superb Flavor !!!!! …. Either On The Grill . Or In the Deep Fryer !!!!!!
    Trust Me !! ITS Awesome !!!!! Try It !!!!!!! ,, You Won,t Be Disappointed
    !!!!!!!!!! Its That GOOD !!!!!!!!

  16. Johan Linnarsson says:

    I’m going to try this out. The ale gravy made in the bottom of the pan, any
    recommendation to finish that one? 

  17. Jim Gill says:

    where did you your old hickory knifes? I have found one and love it . it
    holds sharpness. found my at a thrift store lol

  18. S. King says:

    Had a question guys. Do you guys ever use lump charcoal and if not why?
    Thanks! Love the recipe!

  19. Tsunami Lan says:

    Looks so yummy… drooling…;)

  20. reidmike21 says:

    have a ? Do I brine my pheasant over night and use my Cajun injection
    marinade. Or skip the brining and just shoot the juice in the bird and go.
    Thanks y’all

  21. Jay Dubya says:

    I like the flavor profile. How do you suppose the process should be
    altered with just a breast?

  22. Dr. Nathan A. Dixon says:

    I cooked this turkey for thanksgiving and it was awesome. My only question,
    is how open are the vents on the charcoal grill, because I noticed my top
    cooked much faster than the one hour time frame mentioned in the video.
    Thanks. Doing it again for Christmas… I refuse to go back to dry oven
    turkey. This turkey is the bomb. 

  23. Grant Bradley says:

    cooking this right now! 

  24. Oscar Ramos says:

    Thank you, did this yesterday, huge success! #daleleon 

  25. lancerh20polo says:

    I have a question. Could I do this in my electric smoker?

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