Grilled Steak

How to Grill the Perfect Steak

For most meat eaters there’s nothing better than a grilled steak. Follow along as I show you a foolproof method for grilling a perfect steak every time.

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25 Responses to Grilled Steak

  1. tnbourne says:

    A thermometer is important for a beginner. Anyone who has cooked a lot of
    steak does not need a thermometer to tell how it is cooked. I’m not there
    yet but I’m getting better.

  2. Daniel N says:

    You need to get your watch sized. Thanks for the video.


    Lol put sym hawt sauce

  4. Justin D. Doerr says:

    For years I have been ruining steak on the grill. After following your
    instructions, I think I may have finally grilled a steak worth sharing.

  5. Fung Wing Yin says:

    I want a steak now!!

  6. Robert Guzman says:

    He does and I didn’t notice until you said something! Good call.

  7. Bigtj904 says:

    That’s why I don’t go out to eat . Creepy guys like this touch there nose
    then touch my steak

  8. Daniel Boothe says:

    This guys is goofy but knowledgeable which is why he is a great chef.

  9. MyBuzzTube says:

    Please “NoTimeToCookDinner”, tell me how hot was your grill? 300, 350,
    400, 450 Fahrenheit???

  10. dave mc says:

    very good cookin’

  11. Anthony Lowrey says:

    Am I the only one that saw that when he said to turn the steak 90 degrees,
    he only turned it 45 degrees. Hahaha

  12. Guy Often says:

    DAMMMM!! I followed exactly.. I believe I caused palette orgasams for my

  13. queenform says:

    blue cheese? please, the best way to enjoy a steak is the simple salt and
    pepper and braised with a little bit of butter

  14. kevinp860 says:

    fail….never press meat on the grill

  15. Elisi Camost says:

    I want my steak in 1080P.

  16. Ainsleigh Walker says:

    ….the online magazine dedicated to your narcissistic tendencies!

  17. msamelis says:

    ‘muricans and buttering shit up.. FFS, the steak would be perfect with just
    some oilve oil, salt and pepper.

  18. Garen Darius says:

    Hugh Jackman

  19. CoonShoot says:

    I don’t use kosher salt because I don’t like Jews.

  20. alberry2345 says:

    Great video. First time cooking a steak on a grill so this looks very

  21. Sam P says:

    Blue cheese killed it. Bye!

  22. Fester Bestertester says:


  23. peaceworld0 says:

    intro made me think i was watching The Online Gamer…

  24. laddeybugg28 says:

    You look and sound like Matthew Broderick! You did a great job explaining
    this. Looks wonderful!

  25. toad g says:

    It is not the butter, it is the AMOUNT of butter I have a problem with.

    One entire stick of butter with the steak? Too much.

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