Grilled Shrimp

How to Grill Shrimp
Get tips for prepping, cooking, and serving juicy grilled shrimp.

Perfect for a fast, healthy dinner or appetizer, shrimp takes just minutes on the grill. In this video, you’ll learn how to grill shrimp in three easy steps. No sticking or overcooking! You’ll see how to choose fresh shrimp, and learn the reasons why frozen shrimp are also a terrific option. Discover which shrimp are the perfect size and best value for grilling. You’ll also learn how to peel shells quickly and easily devein shrimp. Plus, you’ll get tips for keeping skewered shrimp kabobs from spinning when you turn them on the grill and tricks for keeping wooden skewers from catching fire!

Find the best grilled shrimp recipes @–Grilling/Seafood/Shrimp/Main.aspx




25 Responses to Grilled Shrimp

  1. mimzywhimzy says:

    wow….very clear and helpful information… thank you!

  2. Da252corruptor says:

    @Tfpro1234 Thats why you take it out! Thank you captain obvious.

  3. charlie possenriede says:

    im the 10,000th viewer 🙂

  4. BrainEatingApe says:

    Clean the grill AFTER grilling, not before. Stuck on food particles come
    off easier when the grill surface is hot, and burn up in the fire so they
    don’t stink up your food the next time you grill.

  5. bobwatters says:

    lols yea true, but when you remove they poop its called deveining.

  6. mariemaru1 says:

    it’s not poop , it’s the digestive tract

  7. Travi Trav says:

    Gotta love shrimp!

  8. ezkoent says:


  9. Cockdogmaster says:

    That shit looked raw

  10. brownbomberproducts says:

    Excellent video and very informative. The allspice channel is a handy tool
    when you’re an up and comming chef.

  11. Donny Johnson says:

    1:44 GROSS SORE!!!!

  12. 5huffl3k1ng says:


  13. CR7 Soccer says:

    lol i know they use it as a euphemism cause they dont want to say poop

  14. FishinBC.COM says:

    very nice

  15. Ronald FlobJobbin says:

    The stupidity is strong in this one.

  16. SlyDrJ says:

    That was informative!! TY, But thats POOP not a vein……Hell yeah i’m
    removing that! 🙂

  17. Maria S says:

    Can I do this on the stovetop ?

  18. Mohamedalharby5 says:

    You need lotion! 

  19. Red & Blue says:

    1:30 that’s not a vein that’s the shit sack

  20. John Rambo says:

    That’s not a vein. Veins have blood. That”s their intestine. It has shrimp
    shit in it.

  21. StoneDalways says:

    Make sure to ask the meat guy at the market for the extra tender Japanese
    Fukushima special shrimp or the BP deepwater Horizon Gulf shrimp. Those are
    the BEST!!!

  22. anthony jaime says:


  23. Dan Webster says:

    Nice lookin shramps

  24. Bobby Galiano says:

    3:10 “Check for “doneness”
    OMG You stupid american!!

  25. Chican Nad says:


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