Grilled Ribeye

Rib Eye Steak Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys
The BBQ Pit Boys show you the “tips and tricks” to help you easily serve up the “best steak anywhere”, the Rib Eye Steak. What makes the Rib Eye #1 for many? The Rib Eye steak, or ribeye, also known as the Delmonico or Scotch Fillet (Australia), is a beef steak from the small end of the rib roast. When the Rib Eye section of the beef is cut into steaks, it is one of the most popular, tender and juiciest steaks available. This is because the meat from the rib section is tender and fattier or “marbled” more than most other parts of the steer. This extra fat makes Rib Eye steaks and roasts especially tender and flavorful. The Rib Eye steak is usually served bone-in, particularly at high quality steakhouses -the extra moisture and fat alongside the bone enhances the flavor. So get yourself some 1 to 11/2 lb and 11/2″-2″ thick Rib Eye steaks –and then go “fire up” that BBQ grill of yours -it’s time for some real STEAK On The Barbecue.


25 Responses to Grilled Ribeye

  1. mrgenius4 says:

    I fucking love your voice

  2. Сергей Темирбаев says:

    What kind of music is this? Please advice some artists, I just love that
    South American pronunciation, charismatic voice, good piece of meat and
    these magical strings make me feel goosebumps!
    Thank you guys for being in touch all that time, I love you!

  3. KenChiwo says:

    I hop you have put the steak aside to rest for a couple of minutes :/.

  4. Diitjeuh says:

    Thats some good lookin rib eye oeeeehwiee

  5. James Jamers says:

    Great BBQ voice, rockin’ guitar solo in the background, no BS recipes… I
    believe I have found my go-to BBQ channel for the foreseeable future. I’m

  6. TripleThreeTwo says:


    Rib eye steak – BBQ Pit Boys.

  7. Ninoy Taheer says:

    Manly tears were shed on that moment of silence

  8. Virke Sweden says:

    Big fan! However, just a few minutes to long movies. Please short them to
    4-5 min, thanks!

  9. Leland McClure says:

    Here is a greenhorn question. Regarding the iron pan in this video, is it
    a cast iron pan or is an iron pan and a cast iron pan the same thing?

  10. gongoloo says:

    Great steak man

  11. m1shadow says:

    I want to come eat bbq with your crew,lol

  12. Travis Kale says:

    Man, that looks guud. You hungry or what?

  13. Trugunir says:

    Subscribed, my life is complete! you guys are the answer to good cookin

  14. whatever0mate says:

    do you smell that?!

  15. RengokuAsura says:

    smells GOUD!

  16. GooseHinson says:

    Perhaps a tad overcooked or not. Looks to me it is just a tad. I’d still
    eat that, and I bet it’s still delicious. Just due to the sheer manliness
    of it all. 

  17. Sharon Ernst says:

    Man! Smells good! 

  18. Jeremiah Mathews says:

    Is it safe to cut the prepared steak on the chopping block where you just
    had them sitting raw? Also, if you send me that knife I will sharpen it up
    for you :). Looks guut though!

  19. bigweb0311 says:


  20. Rumple Stilskin says:

    Wow, here it is seven years later. I used to be a meatcutter, so I know my
    meat. Those two cuts you are showing on the video are not the best Ribeyes
    as they come from the chuck end of the rib, where there is far too much fat
    and the actual eye is smaller than if you had taken cuts further down the
    rib, maybe 3 to 4 inches back from where the rib is separated from the
    loin. You have much more lean with a proper amount of fat without it being
    too much and a much larger eye, which is what most want.

  21. Victor Flores says:

    3:04 that was a nice throw. 

  22. SOULREAVER says:

    MAN ! that looks GOOD !

  23. Jennifer Roldan says:

    I can’t smell anything and yeah I am hungry and NO I don’t what a peanut
    butter bro lol LOVE YA from us all here

  24. costel moldovan says:

    i can eat all day long thanks

  25. Evi4666 says:

    Why did you make this video and not take a bite for us! GAH! 

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