Grilled Rabbit

Open Fire Grilled Rabbit

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  1. Ralph Jones III says:
  2. 426 SUPER BEE says:

    Get those rabbits,chicken young, what i call friers you can fry them and
    more tender. Good video cheer bud

  3. Richard Martin says:

    My mom always used the small ones to make her ho cake on, perfect size for
    her quick snacks.

  4. god al hakanson says:

    it is a lie from the pit of hell that we need animal protein to be healthy

    ive had almost no a. p. in 28 ys & havent been sick in that time

    to slaughter what are imo the most lovable pets in the world is disgusting
    & you need therapy or religion big time

    youve a monster

    youre a disgusting son of a bitch

    im glad the house rabbit society is leading a boycott of whole foods for
    carrying rabbit meat in some of their stores

    get some other way of making money

    im for the killing of all beings that kill vegan beings

    this would a great leap forward for humanity

  5. god al hakanson says:

    ive been in love w. 3 rabbits & theyre way better than the human trash ive
    been in love with

  6. mozi tzu says:

    bunny chunks, fallin off the bone LOL 🙂 

  7. Jean Arias says:

    Try cooking them then grill them for better taste

  8. Sway Oner says:

    i like to put them in the slow cooker. every time i grill em they taste too
    firm and gamey

  9. elk hunter says:

    I have to disagree with your assumptions. With a domestic rabbit you can
    fully cook them on the grill, and they are not tough,. They are quite
    tasty. That said your method has my mouth watering. Rabbit is always good

  10. Jimmy Haley says:

    you should have left them on the OUTSIDE grill,,,and use BEER to add
    moisture,,, mucho better

  11. lonpe30 says:

    fuckn rednecks, i just love the way they talk,,,

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