Grilled Onions

Make Perfectly Grilled / Sauteed Onions – GREAT ON EVERYTHING

Sick and tired of ordering grilled or sauteed onions, but they just dont taste as good as you would like? Well, here is a great way to make them at home while bringing out their amazing flavor. Put on hamburgers, hot dogs or any dish you desire. And it so EASY!

8 Responses to Grilled Onions

  1. Derek Stevens says:


  2. Bianca Rangel says:

    Thanks =D

  3. Sankaralingam Maharajan says:

    0:45 and “sweat” …lol

  4. g0d00101 says:

    Lol love the dramatic music, but what are we doin? grilling onions or
    invading russia? xD

  5. berserkr eme says:


  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks, your tutorial helped for tonight’s dinner!

  7. musclemanjoe1 says:

    I love grilled onions.

  8. SUGAR XYLER says:


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