Grilled Lobster

Grilled Lobster with Bloody Mary Linguine – Gordon Ramsay
A real special occasion dish – an amazing grilled lobster, with a side of Bloody Mary linguine.

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25 Responses to Grilled Lobster

  1. Amanda Wibisono says:

    Oh my God Gordon Ramsay marry me

  2. RageNotch says:

    ”Glaze with a couple of spoons of vodka”
    *puts half of the bottle in the pan*

  3. Paintplayer1 says:

    I feel like this is how Gordon cooks for his wife when they want a nice
    dinner. Delicious, well executed, but comforting and not pretentious. 

  4. Michael Davis says:

    I thought porn isn’t allowed on youtube. Whatever I will let this pass.

  5. ultragarrison says:

    Any alternatives to Vodka?

  6. joseph roszell says:

    Chef ramsay should be charged for verbal assault, and love is the secret
    ingredient so that’s why his food tastes like hateful shit it might almost
    look good(no it looks disgusting) Gordon I am the devil I love you love
    your passion but I do not love your abuse of people you claim to help you
    are a child and a failure as a chef. There are kids dying of
    starvation(like you care) and you won’t even finish your meals cuz they are
    icky waaaa waaaa cries baby ramsay only babies don’t finish your meal.but
    maybe you could grow up or go mute either way it will end your bitching.
    The devil loves you!:)

  7. Managarmr420 says:

    How do people eat lobster? It looks like a giant fucking insect that you’ve
    butchered. The ickyness of the lobster has always put me off eating them.

  8. vlabato taravi says:

    If you don’t want to hear shit from your wife, girlfriend, or mother, cook
    the lobster outside of the house. 

  9. ² GotRice? © |Baked| says:

    How much will it cost go hire Gordan Ramsay as my chef for my wedding in
    the future?

  10. Yi Tuan says:

    hmm i wonder who eats the stuff he cooks…

  11. Bruno Albouze says:

    love it

  12. Sean Moran says:

    The smoke alarms have to be off in his house!!! LMAO!!!!!

  13. The Proud pudding says:

    That fridge is fucking huge…

  14. Chris Smith says:

    That Vodka better have been Karkov. That stuff is like paint thinner.

  15. Aaron Thomas says:

    Gordon…. change the Tobasco sauce to Cholula… you’re welcome!

  16. You Tube says:

    “don’t overdo it with the butter” proceeds to slab on pounds of butter

  17. peter lee says:

    that linguini pasta would’ve been even better with the chilli butter added
    to it….

  18. mailyn acre says:

    I don`t really understand why is so expensive to get a lobster, but where i
    come from a 15 pound live red lobster cost like 20 bucks 

  19. SoybeanProductions says:

    Forgot to take out the shit sack in the lobster.

  20. Blanca Gomez says:

    Im salivating… this looks amazing! 

  21. Christine Ediza says:

    omgsh im just speechless. looks soo delishhh! i was waiting to see you
    actually take the crab meat and eat it. but u didnt show

  22. DeShaun Holton says:

    Nigga can cook. 

  23. Kamraan Sooky says:

    Did he clean that green stuff inside the lobster 

  24. emma134679 says:

    OH MY GOD he used food from a can. I don’t feel so bad about my cooking
    anymore :)

  25. Clemsonshawty says:

    where are the actual recipes?

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