Grilled Jerk Chicken

At Home Jerk Chicken.
Recipe for making jerk chicken at home on your grill. Typically grilled on pimento wood in Jamaica, this jerk chicken recipe will surely become a favorite of yours, with all the exotic flavors of the Caribbean. If you’d like to make this jerk chicken in your oven, see for that recipe.

25 Responses to Grilled Jerk Chicken

  1. Veta Smith says:

    Enjoy Some At Home Jerk Chicken! Prepared by the +CaribbeanPot Chef!

  2. kusz prem says:

    Mmmmmmmm yum this would go great with jollof rice

  3. Sherry Wilhite says:

    Looks really tasty , I like making jerk chicken. 

  4. Bondi Harvest says:

    Mate love jerk chicken, this recipe is epic….. looks so dam tasty 

  5. Erick Kelly says:

    This recipe is the best thing that can happen to a piece of chicken! Been
    main it and the result is amazing every time!!!

  6. xxDrCsterxx says:

    This reminds me of Ainsley and his spicy meat

  7. xxDrCsterxx says:

    This reminds me of Ainsley and his spicy meat

  8. gottobefree says:

    can you cook jerk chicken in the oven?

  9. Darius Washington says:

    Chris, you said all-spice twice…. Is it a different kind?

  10. Teresa Wooten says:

    Omg thyme is one of my fav herbs. I also love cilantro and basil depending
    on what I’m making

  11. Wongi Mhango says:

    Ive never had jerk chicken and im african my friends are always asking me
    Thanks so much

  12. Karenn S says:

    Love your videos! I wish you would show the completed dish when it is

  13. sandra edmund says:

    great recipe. I try it once a week.

  14. iamac's Channel says:

    gr8 recipe, everyone has their own version. love ur herbs….so easy to
    keep them coming…. 

  15. renee colbert says:

    Amazing. This is the best recipe for jerk chicken I have seen. Thanks for

  16. tracy s says:

    Making this tonight! Can’t wait to taste it

  17. TikiTrvlr says:

    Hard to understand how much for the cinnamon, allspice and ground pimento
    berries…1/4, 4 or 1 1/4 tsp…tbl…Can anyone clarify…Thanks

  18. Jules L says:

    You are the man!

  19. Norie Belle says:

    Do you have a beef patty recipe?

  20. kuruptzZz says:

    I have always been on the hunt for the best jerk chicken, growing up in a
    jamaican area of toronto…I think I should switch it up and copy your
    recipe to try it myself sometime. Thank you for the very informative video

  21. PinkRose Rosales says:

    Can I make that in the oven ??????

  22. acajudi100 says:



  23. Steph C says:

    I’m in Australia and I can’t find scotch bonnet peppers anywhere where I
    live. Any ideas for substitutes?

  24. SheilaWheila1 says:

    Thanks Chris for the recipe. Did this for Christmas. It was delicious. Keep
    the videos coming

  25. hunclemike says:

    The allspice is so important. It gives the chicken a beautiful, spiced
    perfumed flavor that, to me, most reminds me of the taste of the Islands.
    And those spices were so important in history as well…..the history and
    fusion of cultures and countries makes Island food as interesting as it is
    delicious. OK…I’m heading out now to do “MY” version of this dish…..I’m
    starving now..gotta go!!!! Thank you for the video, it inspired me!!

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