Grilled Italian Sausage

Grilled Sausages, Peppers and Onions by the BBQ Pit Boys
There’s no better eating than grilled Sausages, Peppers, and Onions, steamed in beer, and then served hot off the barbecue grill! It’s real quick and easy to do, as shown by one of the BBQ Pit Boys.

You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at

25 Responses to Grilled Italian Sausage

  1. BarbecueWeb says:

    hey xTOP5pokemonbboys, the smell in the air of cookin’ sausage and peppers
    brings back old memories of the fairs, and outdoor markets. Always a big
    crowd around the Sausage and Peppers food stand -it’s a money maker! Thanks
    for those kind words! -BBQ Pit Boys

  2. Jace Bigelow says:

    Great video !! I gotta get me a black iron pan this weekend for my grill.

  3. michael pack says:

    grillin is religion

  4. manuelito1233 says:

    This is so MANLY..

  5. ozzy segura says:

    Con que se sugiere que se podria acompañar ? mas ensalada, y de tomar un
    Egofrutas, mmm delicioso

  6. Lee Follweiler says:

    The grill is a Weber one touch. To empty the used charcoal there is a
    handle that slides back and forth. And deposit the spent coals in to a pan
    for easy clean up. Why would anyone buy propane (sorry Hank Hill ).

  7. Christopher Song says:

    man im i the only one who cant stop watching these vids once ive watched

  8. rakastaus says:

    “…Maaan, can you smell that? that smells GOOOOD…” (-:

  9. Nai Gotcha says:

    I dont like how he uses beer as an ingrediant.

  10. mr694you says:

    Ima get me one of those all purpose lil machete. Lol! Man, that’s how you
    do it. Perfect for camping!

  11. African Dreams says:

    what a great voice hes got. damn!

  12. theglenlivet12 says:

    My favorite part was when he started stirring the peppers with his machete

  13. Al3xTrucho20 says:

    This guy is legendary!

  14. commonsenseforUSA says:

    Finally someone on youtube who cooks and eats like a MAN! God I wish i was
    neighbors with you guys! I’d never eat another meal cooked by my wife (If i
    had one). Good job as always!

  15. stinkingdog101 says:

    @FKHAN69 chicka chicka wha wha ! LOL

  16. rogueronin82 says:

    Dang!! Love that music… And the bbq…..looks……..GUUUUUUUUD!!

  17. MisterSkene says:

    Nice friend!! just subscribed You are laid back and cool as a cucumber glad
    I found your vids great job and you got class!!

  18. knight6 says:

    they’re cast iron pans. can be found anywhere. make sure it’s thick and
    grill capable.

  19. Dwight Mannsburden says:

    thank you so much!!!!

  20. Stewie Griffin says:

    #1 utube Food Channel.

  21. surrealfx says:

    Yeah I’m gonna try this! Cool vid!

  22. Uniflux says:

    He sounds like The Macho Man Randy Savage.

  23. Jackalofdeath says:

    sooo gooood

  24. Son Nguyen says:

    I LOVE your videos and the commentary. Keep it up!

  25. Steve Dirks says:

    I might put on some yellow mustard and some chopped white onions from the
    fridge. I like the combo of cold and hot. Can you smell that? it smells

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