Grilled Grouper

Grilled Grouper
This is an easy way to grill fish. Plus, some good tips and techniques.

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  1. jimslownsteady says:

    I agree that many folks avoid grilling fish. And I use the same techniques.
    My current fav is cedar plank salmon.

  2. jimslownsteady says:

    I agree that many grillers avoid fish. Not me. Fish is a great crowd
    pleaser. And I definitely agree with your tips (keep grill hot, don’t
    mess/flip the fish, and a thin spatula. Nice work!

  3. BBQMyWay says:


  4. BBQMyWay says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

  5. jajack71 says:

    I’m grilling to dau but I season my grill and I use a mustard mix and some
    Ms Dash seasoning witha touchof lemon juice. GO GRILL IT’S THE BEST

  6. BBQMyWay says:

    Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for stopping by!

  7. awesomeberri says:

    Hey BBW i got a recipe u should try ok get an eletric skillet put flour and
    slot of butter chips in a breading pan and cut goruper into cubes and fry
    it is is delicious

  8. BBQMyWay says:

    Sounds interesting. Make a video and post it!

  9. spacecat4 says:

    Thanks for the post, just bought some fresh grouper and wanted to make sure
    I didn’t ruin it. Gonna try your method of grilling it tonight!

  10. rosebud6362 says:

    What are the seasonings you used, I couldn’t quite hear the first one…

  11. BBQMyWay says:

    I used Fuzzy’s Seafood and Poultry Rub.

  12. Alex O says:

    Perhaps if you had a cleaner grill the fish wouldn’t stick so much. I don’t
    buy the cast-iron skillet analogy. Most of us use stainless steel grates
    and stainless steel does not cure the way that cast iron does. Actually, it
    doesn’t cure at all. Letting a layer of baked-on remains build up on a
    stainless teel grate means that your grill can’t get as hot, which among
    other things, means that food is more apt to stick. Clean the heck out of
    your grill – always try to keep it shiny and silver.

  13. BBQMyWay says:

    @gigantecrunch Thanks for the message. Actually, the fish didn’t stick, and
    nothing “builds up” where the fish comes into contact with the grill
    because after being preheat on high, it is cleaned with a wire brush. A lot
    of times I rub it down with olive oil as well. And the grill was never
    silver. It has always been black.

  14. BBQMyWay says:

    @cliffcox66 Thank you for stopping by! Don’t forget to subscribe.

  15. BBQMyWay says:

    @tertl Thank you!

  16. WickedKnightAlbel says:

    Man, that looks good

  17. BBQMyWay says:

    I didn’t know there was more than one kind??

  18. Russ Pylant says:

    miniature grouper for sure..are you sure it’s grouper?

  19. Taffy Walnut says:

    I’m sorry, but there is no way that’s grouper. Snapper maybe.

  20. BBQMyWay says:

    Just because grouper can be largg fish doesn’t mean all pieces of the fish
    are large. I have fished for snapper, and grouper. I know the differences
    quite well. This is grouper.

  21. evertrules24 says:

    I bought one grouper filet for myself today. 30 dollars for one filet! But
    I cant wait to cook it on the grill.

  22. medlesome11 says:

    Thanks for nothing,what is wrong with you.You supplied 0 information.
    Sorry but I chasing actual recipes or good ways to grill…NOT JUST HOW TO

  23. R wilson says:

    i like it, good technique, except, why use a long thin spatula and then
    flip the fish from the side?? The whole point of that spatula is to scoop
    the fish lengthwise, thus avoiding possible breaks

  24. MacGregor Hodges says:

    Thank you. Awesome video. Very Informative.

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