Grilled Fish

How to Grill Fish
Learn how to choose fresh fish – and get tips on grilling.

Outdoor grilling is a fast, easy, and flavorful way to add more fish to your diet. Plus, cleanup is easy, and since you’re cooking outside, there’s no fishy smell to linger in the house! In this video, you’ll learn how to grill fish, including how to select the freshest fish at the market—and get the basic steps for grilling fish evenly. You’ll learn how to prepare your gas or charcoal grill for cooking fish. Also, since some fish have firm and others delicate flesh, we’ll show you the best methods for grilling different kinds of fish, from salmon to halibut, tuna to tilapia, from fish fillets to fish steaks and kabobs. You’ll also see how to turn fish so it doesn’t fall apart in the flipping. You’ll also learn how to tell when grilled fish is done cooking and ways to prevent overcooking it.

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25 Responses to Grilled Fish

  1. BrainEatingApe says:

    If you’re going to cook fish in a foil packet on a gas grill, you might as
    well just cook it in the oven because there won’t be any difference in

  2. shittyfuck says:

    good tuna looks like steaks

  3. mindbotling says:

    @BrainEatingApe Your right but there is an upside to this, it won’t stink
    up your home.

  4. BrainEatingApe says:

    @mindbotling Good point.

  5. Brumasterj says:

    I disagree with braineatingape, Cooking out doors is always a treat,
    doesn’t matter if you use foil or not, my taste buds may not know the
    difference but my mind does! Cooking outdoors also keeps the house cooler
    in the summer! So fire up the outdoor grill, and enjoy the outdoors:)

  6. Big Hicks says:

    I’m going to grill now!!!!

  7. Abhijeet Oundhakar says:

    Sounds strange, but that’s right. The fishy smell indicates the start of

  8. Nicholas Posner says:

    awesome info.. thx a lot

  9. Vithal Shinde says:

    thanks. the recipes are great

  10. Herse K.S says:

    “there is an ocean of flavour waiting for you, so dive right in to grilled
    fish ” that got me thinking of Feast on Friday….yaaay cant wait.

  11. Gints Pētersons says:

    EcoGrill is the best for grilling .!!!

  12. Gints Pētersons says:

    EcoGrill is the best for Grilling !

  13. Keith Richards says:

    Good idea with the pineapples will do today…

  14. Ganesh Brahma says:

    Nice Guidance for grilling Fish.

  15. Dianne Acaso says:

    makes me want to eat salmon like right now lol

  16. Nick Oakley says:

    just bought halibut and stoked to grill it

  17. Şükrü Aydın says:

    Şükrü Aydın. Mükemmel Sıhhatli ve Zevkli Barbekü Olabilir . bi yerde içini
    Doldurmağa Bağlı.

  18. SOHAM DG says:


  19. rizwiz patel says:

    Great video. Thx

  20. Sowmya Rasa says:

    thank you

  21. JAMES VINCENT Gaisano says:

    How to Grill Fish

  22. GeraldSandy Garcia says:

    So with charcoal what side do u put the fish if you move the hot charcoal
    to one side? Do you put the fish on the hot side or the other side? How
    about cooking a whole fish with head still on it? Which would be the best?

  23. Allrecipes says:

    Excellent questions, GeraldSandy Garcia – Fish cooks best over a medium-hot
    fire. To determine this area of your grill, find the place where you can
    hold your hand about three inches above the grill. You should be able to
    hold your hand here for about two seconds before it gets too hot. This is
    where you want to place the fish. Cook fish 6 to 12 minutes per inch of

    If cooking a whole fish with its head on, use the same method to find the
    right place on the grill. You want a medium-hot fire. Again, use the
    thickness of the fish to determine how long to cook it. You may need to
    adjust the fish to accommodate different thicknesses. Happy grilling!

  24. Kerena Vang says:

    They look so good and yummy, but I think they look a bit raw to me still.
    >.<" I don't know why, but most grill meats are like not fully cook and still look raw after cooking them.

  25. Muhamad Hans says:


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