Grilled Duck

How to make Peking Duck (Beijing Roast Duck)
*Please note that 45 min. at 300 F or 139 C is for Convection Oven ONLY. Conventional oven requires a longer cooking time.

Level: Difficulty
Time: 2 Days

2 cups of vinegar
2 cups of honey
2 cups of water
1 Maltose
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp white pepper
1 tbsp five spice powder
1 tbsp ginger powder
1 tbsp salt
4 tbsp hoisin sauce
Star Anise
Dried Citrus Peel
Green Onion
Tortilla wrap (optional)

Pump air underneath the skin through the neck cavity to separate the skin from the fat and the flesh. This process will make the skin very crispy.

Cut off the wings and the feet.

Then make a incision on the bottom as shown here, remove the innards. Keep the hearts and gizzard, I’m going to make a dish off of them in the future episode.

Wash the duck thoroughly. Wash the cavity a few times to remove any residue.

Here are the ingredients we are going to put inside the duck.

Next, combined the ingredients into the hoisin sauce. Then put the mixture inside the duck’s cavity. Put in 1 slice of ginger and one green onion. This will give it an aromatic flavor on the inside.

Use a skewer to sew up the cavity. First, hold the skin together then slowly puncture through, then overlap the skin and continue sewing until there is no holes left. Make sure there is nothing leaking out of it. I use a hook to hang the duck, if you don’t have one you can just use strings and tied it around it’s wings and neck.

Next, refrigerate the duck for 24 hrs laying the duck belly side down.

Next in a pot add in 2 gallon of water, add Licorice, star anise, and dried citrus peel. This add an aromatic flavor to the skin.
Boil for about 15 to 20 min.

We are going to make glazing for the duck. In a bowl add 2 cup or ml of honey, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 2 cup or 473 ml of vinegar and 1 maltose. The maltose is very sticky so we want to make it into a more manageable form. Boil 2 cup of water and add maltose into the hot water. Then mix the maltose with the other ingredients.

Next, soaked the duck in boiling water for 15-20 secs. This process quickly tightens the skin back up.Then pour the mixture over the duck one at a time.

Hang the duck to dry for a minimum of 5 hrs. use a fan to blow the duck dry until the skin become springy.

Preheat the oven to 350F, after you put in the duck turn the temperature to 300F and cook for 40-45 min. Put a drip pan underneath to catch the fat. Turn the duck 180 degree after 20min of cooking, this ensure even cooking and browning of the skin. After the duck is fully cooked, turn the fire off and leave it in the oven for additionally 15 min. This will let the juice be reabsorb into the meat making the meat very juicy and tender.

Now, I’m going to show you how to cut the meat. First, locate the sternum, make a cut near the sternum, then make a cut on the side of the duck. Next, cut sideway diagonally.

Now it’s done, serve it with spring onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce.




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  1. Thomas Kaiakapu says:

    Thanks for the fabulous video! Peking duck is one of my favorite Chinese

  2. costanza says:

    how is that wrong? animals eat other animals, and animals would eat us if
    they had the chance.

  3. Ali Alharthi says:

    Thank God and thank him for the blessing of Islam, when the slaughter
    chicken or calf blood comes out and graduated with diseases in animal
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  4. killstarrecker ! says:

    You Cruel son of a bitch. I would never do this to my pekin!! My duck is my
    best friend.

  5. Sadik Meah says:

    Poor duck. Thats why I hate the Chinese. Why cant they eat chicken like the
    rest of us.

  6. Chick A. Biddy says:

    Hmm, pretty good video, best one that was so informative, looks tasty. I do
    have some questions though, can one still make a tender juicy duck with out
    the skin on? You see, I raise and butcher my own ducks, I skin them just
    like I do the chickens I butcher, I don’t really want to be eating the skin
    or the fat, I leave very little fat at the time of butcher. Seems like one
    can cook chicken just about any way and it is tasty, I have yet to get the
    same results with duck meat. Is pekin duck better then muscovy duck (I
    raise mucsovy)? Is having the skin on the only way to have the duck meat
    tender and juicy? I hope not, it was be great to have other ways of cooking
    duck and still have it tender and juicy. Again, good video.

  7. L Chefologist St Lawrence says:

    Your channel is amazing.
    Loved this method and duck to

  8. Andy Tu says:

    very informative video. This looks really hard to do, I’ve failed to make
    this 3 times already then i decided to youtube and found your channel.
    Can’t wait to try it. How about i cook this in a rotisserie ?

  9. onthecuttingedge2005 says:

    we all share the same conscientiousness we just are born with different

  10. Malaysian MONSTER! TV says:

    Does the duck need to be a certain species of duck, or would any duck do?

  11. xCarxMellax says:

    good video, but I wouldn’t spend that much time to cook this i’d rather
    just go buy it . 😉 takes so long to prepare. and you obviously have a
    restaurant with all the right things to use. 

  12. Jason Loke says:

    Wow! Complicated. Looks delicious at the end, though. I will stick with
    simple food. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wassup Waddup says:

    very good video … thanks

  14. Innoculate says:

    Using this same technique, but different ingredients on a Xmas goose. I’ll
    let you know how it turns out.

  15. Innoculate says:

    All you vegans can leave. We don’t go on your page to cry about all the
    millions of vegetations you slaughter every year, leaving animals with
    nothing to eat. >:)

  16. MysteriousAsteria says:

    I just wanted to find a good recipe how to make this dish. And what I have
    found is a comment section full of racists, closed minded tree huggers and
    crazies, wow.

  17. Ms Porky says:

    That looks so tasty and surprisingly easier than I thought. Thank you so

  18. U FO says:

    Why I can’t find recipes of monkey brain soup or cat rague or grilled dog
    after abusing or tiger penis soup or human embrio soup or bug pudding?
    I’m also interested in fried cockroach and scorpions!

  19. stuckIN801 says:

    Wow, next time I feel like wasting 2 days making 1 meal, i’ll give this a

  20. Gypsy Bostwick says:

    I totally enjoyed this video. Thanks for making it!!

  21. SilverSurfer42 says:

    Thanks a lot for this Video, very informative and itr’s nice to watch 

  22. Burboss says:

    Great stuff!

  23. Innoculate says:

    Save a tree, eat meat!

  24. Tejasvi Jhamb says:

    These animals don’t want to be killed only for someone’s tongue,they also
    want to enjoy this beautiful world.I am feeling very sad that humans who
    were actually made vegetarian by the god are killing those innocent
    animals,every thing we want in our diet is in vegetables,fruits and
    pulses,then why to kill them? They did not harm you in any way then why to
    harm them?Most of us love dogs and cats then why don’t we understand that
    these animals also feel pain?Only for taste we kill them.
    See the examples carnivorous or omnivores animals do,if any apply to
    you then you may eat animals:-
    1- Do you lick
    water like a dog which eats animals or gulp it like cow which is a
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    2- Try to
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