Grilled Corn

Mexican Grilled Corn “Elote” – Corn with Chili Lime Mayo & Cotija Cheese
Learn how to make Mexican Grilled Corn! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Mexican Grilled Corn recipe!

25 Responses to Grilled Corn

  1. Chamchuree Kankham says:


  2. Amanda Coello says:

    A mi me gustan los elotes tiernitos, que riiiico, 

  3. john bibiano says:

    do a video of esquite chef john its tastier

  4. Yuliem Dominguez says:

    Finally a white man who agrees with the combo of corn and mayo, so many
    people I know never had it but just the sound of this combination disgusted
    them, they have NO IDEA what they are missing, thank you!!!!

  5. AndyDufresne987 says:

    Nice cancer treat from Monsanto corn fields.Mmm-mmm

  6. Megan Moore says:

    why do white people ruin all the great mexican foods man….

  7. Jenelique Rikkonen says:

    Yummmm love Mexican food.yummyyyy

  8. mkb says:

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your EARS. HA. I really do watch these
    videos for the puns. 

  9. 85jackie23 says:

    You said cotija funny

  10. 85jackie23 says:

    They look good!

  11. camraguy says:

    You can sometimes get this in a cup, cut off the cob, still with the
    mayo/chile, and simply eat it with a spoon. One of the great Mexico street

  12. La jenkins says:

    Some people need a life, this is a great recipe. I had this is the park
    last summer from a Mexican lady and her Dad! Hey Betsy♡♡♡

  13. My Cuisine Queen says:

    Marry me Chef John!!!!!!!!

  14. LazyScoutJace says:

    Ugh! Cotija! Haha

  15. Court Graham says:

    Great recipe, was a big hit today!

  16. Ashley Jenkins says:

    Wheres the sour cream 

  17. Gael Guirand says:

    Can I put the seasoning when it’s on the grill?

  18. MrDominic22 says:

    I love how those kernels on those ears aren’t perfectly straight like they
    were made in a lab or something. 

  19. Fred Harvey says:

    The degree to which you prepared this along with the quality of ingredients
    almost makes me want to try it.. I was completely turned off by this dish
    because for one; corn and mayo – yuck.. and secondly; any place I see serve
    this makes it with the cheapest ingredients and it smells and tastes
    utterly disgusting.. They use the cheap Parmesan cheese you get in a can
    along with Miracle Whip and the bitter and really cheap chili powder you
    find in most supermarkets with a high salt content..

  20. MySkullgirl says:

    why does the corn look so white?

  21. PockASqueeno says:

    Why do you boil the corn before grilling it?

  22. Karina Perez says:

    Instead of combining all the ingredients together I put it on the corn one
    by one. I’m Mexican so I LOOOVE this! I will try it this way cuz it seems
    faster this way

  23. Desi Marie says:

    I like the sound of your voice. Chills down my spine.

  24. MegadethsGirl says:

    I had this mystical corn my first trip to NYC and I could never figure out
    what was so sweet and savory. Will try!

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