Grilled Burger

The Art of Grilling: How to Grill a Burger
Karl Engel, head chef of award winning BBQ team Pigcasso (, shows shows us how to grill the perfect burger.

Music: “Mike’s Blues” & “Whiskey on the Mississippi” by Kevin MacLeod

25 Responses to Grilled Burger

  1. Art of Manliness says:

    Essential 4th of July know-how. 

  2. ROB LO says:


  3. Bill Brasky says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who works for this guy. Half of this advice is
    either subjective, or outright false, but he acts like an expert. 

  4. Eric Aponick says:

    Thanks for the vid, but I was left uninformed… Cooking times vary with
    the thickness of the burger. You didn’t mention what the ideal thickness
    should be, and your suggested cooking time was vague. You said, “3 – 4
    minutes” on the first side… If you’re cooking on a grill that’s been
    heated to 700 degrees, a minute of cook time will make a huge difference!
    Also, you didn’t say what the cook time should be once you flip the burger.
    However, the technique of making a dimple in the burger was great! Never
    thought to do that. Again, thanks for the vid. If you have a chance, would
    love to see another vid that fills in the blanks when it comes to specifics
    – burger thickness, grill temp, and cooking times for each side.

  5. Spherian7 says:

    You’re digging in…. but where’s mine ?!?!?!? ME SO HUNGRY ! ! !

  6. TheBBallEnthusiast says:

    Karl sounds like John Gruden

  7. myriadcorp says:

    Yummy! Raw meat hands all over the pepper and olive oil. This is how I do
    my hamburgers and they are very tasty. 

  8. Mariah Wilson says:

    So if I don’t smash it down how do I know if my burger is done? Also how
    long do you typically keep it on the each side when grilling? 

  9. Mustang Sally says:

    This is great! I wondered what I was doing wrong because my burgers have
    been coming out like “Hockey Pucks.” I think the issue was that I used too
    much flame and just not the correct timing. Thanks for the video! 

  10. Bret Salowitz says:

    What temperature should I use on an indoor grill?

  11. Brendan Wilton says:

    best burger making guide in the world. this guy is THE MAN!!

  12. Sxrillez says:

    I don’t need all the extra stuff like BBQ sauce or whatever. Sometimes the
    perfect burger just has cheese and some ketchup just like the good ol’

  13. John Rambo says:

    This guy don’t know what he’s doing. Doing burgers on a gas grill??? LOL.
    He must be from New York. And he still ended up with over cooked UFO
    burgers. He probably cooks steaks in a pan too.

  14. Arlene Gil says:

    Wow He said everything bobby flay said in an interview and exactly the same
    too. Wonder who copied who… hmm Thanks for the tips though. they were

  15. Fragacide says:

    I like this method. The only thing I’d disagree with is the cheese. It
    looks a little over done. Maybe put it on at the same time as the buns,
    then they’d be perfect.

  16. BassLikeDreamzHD says:

    Way too quote bobby flay word for word

  17. luqman haris says:

    What king of cheese is that

  18. chai koon hoe says:

    +Art of Manliness how much does it takes to cook each side in a charcoal

  19. Jennifer Murkin says:

    Wheres the tomatoe and onion?????

  20. سليمان البلوي says:

    brb going to grill a burger :$

  21. longplainfirstnation says:

    Olive oil?! Fail!

  22. One says:

    I can’t stop watching burger videos and really want a damn burger.. ugh..

  23. Wolver Lex says:

    Yummy yummy..its making me hungry now..

  24. Eazy E says:

    Coping in n out 

  25. Monish Maknojia says:

    oh Lawd

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