Grilled Brisket

BBQ Brisket recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys
Forget the big old Smoker. Tender smoked Beef Brisket done “Low and Slow” is easy to do on your standard barbecue grill with these simple tips by the BBQ Pit Boys. Now get that Brisket on, kick back, and crank up that music by Blue House, and Orbo and the Longshots. Check ’em out! It don’t get any better than that..! Print this recipe and 100′ more at our Website

25 Responses to Grilled Brisket

  1. Tristen Naquin says:

    love that part around 6:26. great tenor sax solo. nice lookin brisket too,
    but as a saxophone player, i notice the music first 

  2. Tristen Naquin says:

    also wanted to say. i took this recipe and modified it to fit my pallet,
    and now im a finalist in a local cooking contest for my version of this
    recipe. thank you guys. 

  3. SeattleMarksJoint3 says:

    Beans n’ slaw, perfect sides, one of yer best vids boys!

  4. Aza Jabar says:

    god damn!

  5. Clay Ton says:

    real men grill with machetes. well done sir.

  6. cognis05 says:

    Lol, i love the intro song. “i got my barbecue shoes on”, lol. Is he eating
    with his feet?

  7. Pokey Styles says:

    As we say in the Caibbean…. Laaawwwd have Mercy! Mmmmmmmmmmmm
    UUUmmmmmmhhh! I need a brisket in my life right now!

  8. Ryan Playfair says:

    O MG i am drooling a river over here

  9. panos farmer says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 11:15?

  10. Dan Gerharts says:

    Looks great as always! One question:
    Why do you wrap the brisket if it already reached 190f? I wrap to overcome
    stalls at around 160. What internal temperature are you going for after
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  11. s. nicole callahan says:

    That was one of the best looking pieces of meat & the sandwich looked even
    better. I will definitely be trying this. Thank you BBQ Pit Boys for

  12. Chris M. says:

    is it possible to have some charcoal below the meat? or does it have to be
    in or exactly on the drip pan? 

  13. Danny MK says:

    This old man is genius :D

  14. Kathy Smith says:

    I have a 17 pound brisket. I want to do it for a tailgating. 3:30 game.
    Can I start it the day before, refrigerate it and then finish it the next

  15. Rauls Silins says:

    Please tell me the name of the song at 11:15 ?

  16. CoastalBBQ says:

    I wonder about the unlit coals. The whole idea of the chimney starter is
    to burn off the chemical taste of the unlit coals and generate the heat.

    I’d recommend using real wood charcoal, go ahead and use the briquettes as
    a starter coal.

  17. daniel salinas says:

    9:19 Epic lol

  18. flukes777 says:

    Its funny how the guy was trying hard not to show any labels in 1:11. But
    I did see the “America’s Choice” brand minced onions. Oooohh! I’m tellin.

  19. tareq shaheen says:

    I am using a Gas BBQ. How much wood chips should I use and how often
    should I add more?

  20. Simon Edelsten says:

    came at 15:21 lol x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  21. burhaan yare says:

    That meat been treated with harmony. Are you hungry or what? 

  22. Kenny A says:

    Thanks so much for your time and effort…. I’m cooking my first brisket

  23. Telo Jorquera says:

    Awesome, BBQ Pit Boys Rule!! Learned a lot, love the final product, because
    it taste GOOD!! :)

  24. Steve Dirks says:

    Ok guys, I need your advice. I want to do a BBQ for the entire group of
    people I work with. We are talking about maybe 60 or 70 people. I have been
    thinking about the pit pasta stew or maybe two turkeys maybe even 3 10 lb
    turkeys. We are looking at a casual bbq with some beans with the BBq sauce
    from your own site put in because it’s freaking great! Perhaps some cole
    slaw. Keeping cost in mind, what might you suggest? I ask you because you
    have the best vids and food on the net! I love you guys and would love,
    love, to visit your pit if I had the chance. So, your advice is?????

  25. Luiz Carlos says:


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