No Bake Cheesecake

No Bake Mango Cheesecake
No bake mango cheesecake is a fruity, delicious treat. The fresh mangoes used in the recipe give the dish a burst of sunshine. The most difficult part of making this dish is waiting for the cheesecake to set. This usually takes about 4 hours, but I like to leave it in the chiller overnight. In light of this, I usually make it up the night before and serve it for dessert the following day. Watch the video and give the delicious dessert a try. Get the full recipe at:

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No Bake Apricot Cheesecake Recipe

25 Responses to No Bake Cheesecake

  1. Diana DeLaFuente says:

    Looks amazing! Love mango. 

  2. nialova eckov says:

    wowww like it

  3. Grace Tky says:

    Hi, how many cheesecake can you make by using this recipe? Thanks

  4. marian rene says:

    looks yummy did u bake the crust b 4 adding cheesecake filling ? tfs

  5. SUSIE Peterson-LaLonde says:

    I’m new to your channel and I found you by watching a collab with Diana
    DeLaFuentes, I have this chilling in my refrigerator right now. I did not
    have mango’s on hand so I used pineapple (canned crushed) and used about
    the same amount and added it to the gelatin the same way but did not add
    sugar. Instead of using graham crackers for the crust I crushed vanilla
    wafers and added the melted butter (omitted the sugar) and pressed them
    into my pan as well. I am hoping it turns out as good as yours looks. I
    will come back and post a reply tomorrow. Thanks and all of your recipes
    look great and I am looking forward to watching more videos.

  6. ruel francisco says:

    Looks so delicious I gonna make this and try it…so mouth watering….!!!

  7. marshie abalos says:

    oh… this could be a perfect Christmas dessert!! yum yum… 

  8. Arcar Love says:

    i will try this later today , for practice and for excellent desserts for
    thank you so much 

  9. KaMing Cheung says:

    Love your video! Hope u can make more cakes:D
    Btw, what’s the size of your mango cheesecake?:)

  10. Rouge Abrego says:

    If I don’t have a spring form pan can I make it in a round pan but put
    pargement paper under neath and around inside the pan and freeze and take
    it out when it is completely frozen and the let it defrost until a little
    bit cold?

  11. Ma. Cristina Sajol says:

    I would definitely love this! But I don’t have an electric mixer and a
    blender :((((((((((

  12. Badyh Bader says:

    Hi thank you so much I gonna make this and try it

  13. Cristianna Rose says:

    How do you get it out of the pan?!?!?

  14. Marvin Javillo says:

    Any alternative for cream cheese?thank you

  15. BEAUTY NADIYA says:

    mm looks beautiful and delicious! 

  16. Selina Agapito says:

    Can i use blender instead of electric mixer cause we dont have one 

  17. Linda Inoc says:

    Hi. .can i used all purpose cream?. .instead of whipping cream

  18. Maria Elita Baga says:

    hi there, want to make good for 4 people, what are the measurement?

  19. Drake Dragoon says:

    Hello there sir! I wanted to try and make this but I couldn’t find Bar
    Cream cheese so I bought cream cheese spread instead does that work?

  20. Yaaang A. says:

    Hi! Would the cheesecake still come out right if the whipping cream isn’t

  21. Denise Vanessa Serrano says:

    hi, just want to ask what is a substitute to a whipping cream and cheese
    cake since we don’t have that in our town. thanks.

  22. bigtruckseriesreview . says:

    A NO BAKE is nice for hot climates/ summer, but I’ve just gotta bake my

  23. Pushpa Rani says:

    hi there im pushpa can i use heart shape sprin pan

  24. Balot Bolengot says:

    hi…is it okay to use regular sugar instead of confectioners? thanks.

  25. ninjaprincessfosho says:

    do i need to use gelatin??

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