Gluten Free Dessert

Gluten Free Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma
From Cupcake Jemma’s gorgeous channel –
Cupcake Jemma is going to show you how to make the lightest, fruitiest and most delicious gluten free cupcake with a delightful cream cheese topping. It melts in the mouth and is a perfect little treat for all the family!

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25 Responses to Gluten Free Dessert

  1. jasminkhg says:


  2. Matt Andersomm says:

    It seems that the main channel is reposting older videos from their
    individual partners (this and Almond Biscotti, for example)

  3. Iman Hussain says:

    I was hoping for another gluten-free recipe by Jemma because I saw this one
    during summer :/

  4. Flothyy90 says:

    summer time?

  5. Tobias Valinski says:

    the berry glue is such a great idea. i’ll try that out with a regular
    cupcake recipe and blueberries only

  6. Bryan C says:

    Jemma is the cutest. 

  7. thefairystamp says:

    its boiling outside! …okay. :D

  8. Tau legae says:

    can i challenge your food tube, to a gluten free & dairy free recipe for
    people like me with allergies. All the gluten free recipes out there
    usually have dairy in it :(

  9. michaela le says:

    that little squeal of joy at 6:07 is exactly how i feel about these!!!

  10. totalH20 says:

    ‘because it’s summer and it’s boiling outside?’ Sorry +CupcakeJemma but
    it’s England, I think you’re still feeling delirious from your Halloween
    mishap! It’s November and it’s bloody freezing! 

  11. Minseok Kim says:

    Love all the gluten hate. If you don’t have a problem with gluten, who
    gives a fuck. If you do, well you get to make some good looking cupcakes.

  12. KoreanGuyWhiteGirl says:

    Goodness comments are annoying on this one… but thanks for the recipe,
    eliminating gluten has many great benefits whether you are intolerant or
    not, so thank you and I look forward to seeing more! Love Jemma 🙂 

  13. andresssmmjj says:


  14. Deirdre Begley says:

    that looks so good and yummy

  15. SwallowMyHollow says:

    Summer? Bitch it’s snowing outside.

  16. imfrommanndame says:

    Sure, gluten is bad, but almost a kg of sugar is a-okay.

  17. fionabingo says:

    pre made gluten free flour doesn’t count.

  18. Travis Ross says:

    Please, do tell me what exactly Gluten is. I ask this, because you probably
    don’t even know, besides the fact that it has something to do with grain.
    Nor do you even know the fact that science has proven undoubtedly that
    Gluten intolerance is NON-EXISTENT, and it is literally all in your head.

    P.S. This is not a ‘negative comment’. This is the truth, and your
    irritation by it being contrary to what you think is the only reason why it
    is perceived as such.

  19. MaxiJrpg says:

    I made these in summer and they were delicious – thanks for the “reminder”,
    I think I will make them for my friends this weekend 😀 Always good to see
    a video with Jemma. Lots of love!

  20. Amber Kelley says:

    Great job +CupcakeJemma ! You are so cool! Does the goo work well without
    the sugar? It sounds delicious! :)

  21. Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube says:

    Goo. That’s a technical term right? Either way, it looks DELISH. Strong
    work Jem!

  22. Kevin Morales says:

    The disappointing moment you realize this is def not a healthy recipe just
    by looking at the amount of sugar and butter involved.

  23. Jean Stoner says:

    Just making this now – my berry goo consistency was too thin (I did cook it
    down for about 20-30 mins) and then if you strain it, it becomes even
    thinner, so I couldn’t get the nice blobs that Jemma mentions, so my batter
    was more of a berry riddled batter and not berry rippled. :-(

  24. Ruth Kape says:

    hi jemma where do i find the written out recipe?

  25. Bianca Kartus says:

    It is really annoying when you go down the comment section and nearly every
    comment is being horrible about gluten.
    People with Celiac Disease including me, enjoy recipes like this because we
    can not eat gluten. Some of us even land up in hospital if we get cross
    contaminated with it.
    If you do not know much about gluten google it, and google celiac disease
    while you are at it too.
    I don’t want a channel like this to stop posting gluten free recipes just
    because everyone who isn’t well informed on what gluten can do to people
    with the disease. This helps me and i’m sure it helps other people who are
    sufferers too because gluten free food in packages in the stores can be
    really tasteless and I don’t care how much sugar she puts into it as long
    as I can enjoy a cupcake that actually tastes like a cupcake. 

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