Easy Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag (Quick and Easy)
Forget the ice cream maker or old fashioned churning that can take so long.
You won’t believe how easy this single-serving recipe is! All you need are two Ziploc bags, your hands, and the proper ingredients. Give it just five minutes and you’ll have yourself a refreshing ice cream treat in no time!

25 Responses to Easy Homemade Ice Cream

  1. vennessashow says:

    I added a bit of pumpkin spice and it taste AMAZING

  2. KGYM8 says:

    Is half half a type of milk you have to use or can you use regular milk??

  3. shloka jonnada says:

    do we have to add a lot of ice because mine did not work i don’t have huge
    bags but i have both almost of the same size but it is big so i tried but
    there was no change in the normal milk which i used and also i shaked it
    for 5 mins but no change then i saw a comment saying that u can put it in
    the freez and as i did and checked it no change and again i checked it
    after an hour but still no change.

  4. Kelsey Wilson says:

    I tried this with honey instead of sugar and it was delicious. :)

  5. Alicia Va says:

    OMG I just made this with my BFF and it’s amazing because we watched your

  6. Maricella Sierra says:

    i will try this with my sunday school students !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AngelTheBunny A J says:

    Can i add just regular milk

  8. Josh mikers says:

    do you have to use vanilla extract??? or not??? 

  9. Ninyakat Rawks says:

    Can we use a Evap Milk or What kind of milk?

  10. Matthew Doell says:

    this is so cool!! love it

  11. Shandacy Grant says:

    Can u use regular salt????

  12. creeper haks says:

    do u need a gallon bag or a container that’s plastic

  13. giddiees12513 says:

    Could you put it in the freezer to save for later, after this process ?

  14. Anastasia Ermakova says:

    You can also add flavour to make the ice cream taste better instead of
    having it plain :)

  15. Rachel Riggs says:

    Just made this tastes amazing!!!!

  16. akshara sagar says:

    Super ideaa
    Really tasteyyyyy

  17. GabbiLizabeth says:

    Thanks so much. I used regular salt and regular chocolate milk and it taste

  18. Yanhui Lim says:

    can i juz use normal milk?
    chocolate milk can?

  19. Gaven Tran says:

    i made it correctly but when i shook it around the salt got into the
    icecream and the icecream tasted disgusting

  20. Trinity Jones says:

    If you use a bigger bag can u just double the recipe 

  21. Sameera 786 says:

    It works and i put strawberry syrup and strawberry on top

  22. Aurora Guerra says:

    Your videos are fantástic


  23. Annaz Madness says:

    I have tried milk and little bit of heavy whipping cream (because i was
    afraid the milk wouldnt work) And it turned out fine 

  24. Zapkin (⌐►_◄) says:

    cool im so gonna make a coca cola vanilla ice cream yummy

  25. Kelsey Obrien says:

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