Today I made Simpsons themed glazed donuts with my friend Ingrid! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I’m not a pro, but I love baking as a hobby. Please let me know what kind of treat you would like me to make next.


25 Responses to Donuts

  1. Rosanna Pansino says:

    A big thanks to my special guest, Ingrid of Missglamorazzi! You are the
    best girly 🙂 ♥♥

  2. reaven saldivar says:

    looks so good

  3. Brigit Mejia says:

    I love donuts

  4. jade pedro says:

    littlest pet shop they r cute little animals

  5. Maleia Chapman says:

    I am really starving here!!!! I wish you could jump out of my laptop and
    give me those yummy donuts!! Great job you guys! 

  6. Syra briana Javier says:

    Look good yummy

  7. Viktoria Tibbitts says:

    use flour on the pan its easier to pop out the sweet treat

  8. LPS Power Paws says:

    Don’t you fry donuts, oh well looks like Ro can do anything with her baking

  9. angus mckinlay says:

    please make something to do with the lumpy space princess (or another
    character) from adventure time

  10. ki Hawke says:

    say please give me what i want,think of something you always wanted,kiss
    your left hand then your right hand,copy and comment this on ten other
    videos,wait one day,then look under your pillow

  11. Катя Шупан says:

    Круто мне даже зохотелось поньчиков ням ням 

  12. E Smith says:

    Do you two act to embarrassingly stupid because you think it’s cute? Or
    because it’s just the way you are? I nearly threw up with all the retarded
    jigging and dancing and giggling. Nauseating. Oh and this is hardly a donut
    recipe. Ever hear of yeast and actual cooking techniques? Probably not. 

  13. Emillie Horning says:

    I love your vids and I am 10 can’t wait when I can do it

  14. Maryam Shah says:

    I like your toturials

    And I like the donuts hahahah I made that donuts and it was so nice my
    family like it and I made the minecraft cake it was so good

    Actually I like so much your videos it’s nice and make more toturials

  15. Talianna says:

    love it!! But i missed the recipe in the notice *-*

  16. stevie diamond says:

    the dounuts look gorg ill try them but can u make futerama the cartoon cake
    , cakepops , frozen treats plzzzz xxxxx 

  17. TheDaligrrrl says:

    Love these! Going to make them today! Question: did you use the cookie
    icing in the link (Betty Crocker)? If so, did you thin it out somehow in
    order to flood the icing? OR did you make your own cookie icing/royal
    icing? Thank you so much! Love your videos!!!

  18. marco cetina says:

    i love this video, this is a great video to watch but it does make you
    hungry, it made me and my friend hungry for sure.

  19. Marijaine Rice says:

    E Smith, Stop being a jerk to Ro and her friends. At least Ro and I aren’t
    butthurt haters who can’t stop complaining you little… you know what? I
    think that I’m going to be a good 13 year old and walk away.

  20. Teeny Tom says:

    Did you know that the donut was never debuted in any Simpsons episode
    except for the movie but the donut became such an iconic symbol so it just
    stuck…the more you know

  21. bubblegum Vids says:

    HAWAII?!!??!?!?! :O

  22. Audrey Hope says:

    More like the Ian Hecox donut.. Lol.

  23. dominion104 says:

    Can you make a doughnut cake. I think you set a good name for the Simpsons

  24. may_the_art_begin says:

    can you make a Once upon a time cake/cupcake pleaaaaaaseeeeeee

  25. fedee fattal says:


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