Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel – Creamy Baked Caramel Custard Dessert Recipe
Learn how to make a Creme Caramel Recipe!  I hope you enjoy this easy creamy baked caramel custard dessert recipe!

25 Responses to Creme Caramel

  1. aditya menon says:

    Ahahahaha: “That may still jiggle, but that liquefied wiggle in the
    middle…” hahaha priceless.

  2. Brigette Miguel says:

    He is just so creative with words.

  3. Vlad Shumov says:

    I didn’t know where to put the Cayenne and FRESHLY ground black pepper. 

  4. ConsentratedProcrastinator says:

    My grandma used to make this. She burned the caramel a lot though

  5. Emma Dimitrov says:

    Just out this in the oven! One of my favorite desserts!

  6. almaturan says:

    You killed me. When you flipped the bowl and the creme caramel slid out,
    you killed me. I’m dead.

  7. Tamara Nair says:

    lol, loved it! u r too funny!

  8. TheBunkitty says:

    If people are making this, I’d recommend adding like two tablespoons of
    water when melting the sugar. After I finished it the creme caramel was
    waayyy too bitter and the colour was exactly like Chef John’s plus I’ve
    made creme caramel before and it didn’t taste this bitter :/ really smooth
    and creamy ‘Creme’ part but the caramel was really bitter 🙁 

  9. Travis says:

    I’m so high…

  10. Ayyam Alkharusi says:

    Did this, it was amazing but nobody in my family drinks alcohol so I
    replaced it with more vanilla and I ran out of sour cream so I just used
    half sour yogurt and half whipping creame 

  11. rumbidabomb says:

    is whole milk like full cream milk?

  12. alfie cabauatan says:

    leche flan in the philippines,,yummy..

  13. Imfingbob says:

    does anyone else hate inflection of his voice at the end of his sentences?

  14. Simply Joanna says:

    I loved your video/commentating, though I’d like as few cavities (bubbles)
    in the Creme Caramel as possible.

  15. Zannamaya Stone says:

    I love it but if ur gonna give a me something to cook give me ALL the
    ingredients” not this is secret I’m not gonna tell u”

  16. Nathan Davis says:

    is orange cognac necessary? if not, is it substitutable?

  17. sbg9876 says:

    I. Love. You…. And I love your humor ^.^

  18. Michael Casdia says:

    Made these for my ex girlfriend for valentines day. She disclosed to me,
    after eating these, that she had been having an affair for the last few
    weeks! And that she loved him, after 13 years with me! I was like, “what
    the hell is in these things?” Fast forward 2 years and I made these for a
    hotty I had been dating for only a few weeks. That night she told me she
    loved me, and so far all is well. So there you go folks. This creation from
    Chef is intensely passionate! Eater beware! It can be either love or
    heartbreak. This recipe is emotionally poetic, like John’s sugar

  19. RageGamer says:

    Ok, question.
    I worked as a cleaner in a fine-dining place for a bit, and got to sample
    the stuff the Cheff made.
    One day he made Creme Caramel, but he called it Pecan Creme Caramel, and he
    meant that Pecans were included in the actual Creme mixture. It was
    fabulous, and I am wondering what I would need to do in order to re-create
    that experience.
    Is it as easy as crushing up pecans? Is there a specific oil or extract to
    All answers are welcomed.

    Thank you

  20. tinzoie says:

    Hi Chef…

    Coffee Panna Cota pleaaaseee!!!

  21. TheLatestProductions says:

    I put my finger tip in it. Bad decision.

  22. omare17 says:

    nice one. learn this long time ago in west africa. but it requires exact
    spec to make it smooth and it used evaporate milk and condensed milk with
    boiled water, yours is quite easy with creme fraiche and oven.also nutmeg
    make it taste exquisite with a splash of rum at the end

  23. Karla González says:

    this is porn! OMG

  24. Mihaela Fulga says:

    i have been making this for over 20 years. my recipe is a bit different,
    just milk( 1%,2%,or whole..whatever i had on hand), whole eggs, sugar and
    vanilla. never been curious to add other stuff in it even if possible. the
    key to the caramel not to be bitter is to NOT let it get dark. you want it
    GOLDEN. and i do stir it because it helps with even distribution of the
    melted sugar in the saucepan. if it gets dark too soon, lower the heat and
    take that sugar from that area-you don’t want to get it even more darker
    (dark=bitter)…….. and do NOT leave it unattended! you’ve got to keep
    your eyes on this!…..BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET IT ON YOUR SKIN (it will come
    off with skin and you will bear scars for life–like me).. over the years,
    accidentally i found out that rinsing and draining the pan just prior to
    pouring the sugar in it and placing it on the stove, makes the process of
    obtaining golden sweet caramel much easier. good luck! i coat my baking
    dish with caramel sauce on sides too. i do not grease spray. it is much
    easier if your baking dish is same dish you melt the sugar in. (mine is a
    12″ round stainless steel one–big family–therefore I cannot flip it ):
    ):…and no one complained in over 20 years, for any reason)
    ….also overcooking it gives a bitter-ish taste where custard touches the

  25. Toga Yam says:

    Where is the around the outside joke in the beginning?

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