Creme Brulee

How To make crème brûlée – Crème brûlée recipe

Grab your blowtorch and learn how to make crème brûlée, a custardy, creamy, burnt-sugar celebration. We love this one, can you tell? Your chef is Marc Bauer, from the French Culinary Institute.

25 Responses to Creme Brulee

  1. Alexandre Mateus Ale says:

    Muito Bom. Thanks Marc.

  2. kei fazzer says:

    He forgot to say to dry out the brown sugar

  3. Tanyamat SrungBoonmee says:
  4. meyy3510 says:

    I made this yesterday for valentine’s day for my boyfriend because it’s his
    favorite dessert, he loved it!! It was absolutely delicious, thank you so
    much 😀 Vanilla bean FTW!

  5. arun120977 says:

    Just made this. This recipe really brings out the flavor of the vanilla
    bean. Worth using the bean as opposed to the extract!

  6. Jacob Vincent says:

    what kind of sugar is that?

  7. Park Pyper says:

    Does anybody know the results when recipe is doubled or tripled? Thanks.
    I’ve made this before, and it is perfect! 

  8. Johnny Loving says:

    Solid recipe i prefer myself to pour cream more slowly as to not mess with
    the egg yolk. I also like to use fireball whiskey as a flavor or several
    other types of liquor 

  9. Rina Stein says:

    nice demo ;)

  10. mesahusa says:

    “at this point, you can remove the air bubbles” THEN BRINGS OUT A FREAKIN

  11. Nacidodelmar says:

    Very nice! I love this Chef he is calm and confident going to see more of
    his recipes online

  12. kevinsheung says:

    2 cups of cream is about how many mL?

  13. Yittah Lawrence says:

    Cooking #Real Food is easy and affordable In Australia, the difference to
    make these four little ramekins would be approx. $30/40 … and made at
    home, you have pure ingredients
    How To make crème brûlée – Crème brûlée recipe:
    via @YouTube

  14. Steffi Nelwan says:

    What kinda creme are you using?

  15. Eric Ayala says:

    Just because everyone has a fire torch in their kitchens. Lol.

  16. Istoll Yourusername says:

    What happens if I accidentally double the sugar and use heavy creme?

  17. Payel Chandra says:

    Chef, can I use whole milk in place of the cream?
    awaiting your reply. Thank you. ☺

  18. Payel Chandra says:

    Chef, can I use whole milk in place of the cream?
    awaiting your reply. Thank you. ☺

  19. Tammy Do says:

    What sugar was put on the creme brulee in the end?

  20. Hang Luong says:

    Thank you for your showing.I made it ,it’s came out great.I love it.

  21. Sharcs says:

    1:36 I thought blanching was a type of boiling.

  22. karan sharms says:

    Thanks For Your Help.

  23. Maîtres Cuisiniers de France USA/Canada says:

    Crème Brûlée, anyone?

    Learn how to make this mouthwatering dessert from Chef Marc Bauer of
    L’Ecole, the restaurant at The International Culinary Center.


  24. shocktop says:

    Heavy Cream?
    335 F? cant be Celsius…right? 

  25. gayan chathuraga says:

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