Chocolate Lava Cake

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake


8oz dark chocolate
3 eggs
4 oz butter
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar
powdered sugar to finish

25 Responses to Chocolate Lava Cake

  1. Kami Nari says:

    it looks so sexy :3

  2. ajbreezy11 says:

    Can you use ceramic coffee cups/mugs to bake it in the oven?

  3. Bathna33 says:

    I was like daaaaaaamn he’s so handsome and he can cook *_* let’s check
    description… WIFE? WIFE?? Whyyy T.T

  4. Nathy Nunes says:

    I just the way you describe the food 😀 Its amazing …. Makes me want to
    bake and make all of them as soon as I finish to watch the video 

  5. April N says:

    Gosh you’re cute…

  6. Dorien Reed says:

    Can’t wait to try this. Can the mixture be made ahead of time before
    baking? I’d like to bake them after the main course but don’t want to have
    to make the batter from scratch. 

  7. Malini Chandra says:

    I’d love if you made Microwave Cake or Brownies that don’t have a gross

  8. Parul Chauhan says:

    Me: Do you see desperate women here?
    World: yes many! XD

  9. Emily Gao says:

    o.o this recipe is AMAZING~
    I used semi-sweet chocolate instead, and 4oz ramekins, so i had just enough
    to make 4 XD Ack! gotta wait 7 min. until it cools now :/ but it smells
    like heaven TT^TT

  10. annoula160691 says:

    hey dude. are you greek? you have a greek tattoo on your left arm….
    ιχθυς! αντε ρε ελλαδαρα. ελα να ανοιξεις κανα εστιατοριο εδω να εχουμε να
    τρωμε καπου ανθρωπινα!!!

  11. Nikol Rychtaříková says:

    I just tryied this recipe and it’s great! I am proud of myself for making
    this delicious cake! :)

  12. Katharina H. says:

    can i prepare them, leave them covered in the fridge for a few hours and
    bake them later? and how many servings does this recipe make? :)

  13. dimdull says:

    Will try adding sugar to the butter coating on my ramekins, i hope that
    will make the outside more crunchy. The recipe I use needs no eggs, and I
    do not add sugar at all to reduce sugar intake, but I like the idea of
    crunchier skin. Thanks for ur tips.

  14. Carlos Melendez says:

    I could bake one of this every morning. I used Carob instead of
    chocolate: Carob, no theobromines and no caffeine, unlike chocolate. I
    love carob as well as chocholate. And I don’t think one is better than the
    other. Probably Carob is much less used, and much less is known about it.
    That in itself makes it bad (from the health point of view). I made about
    1/3rd of the recipe into one single ramiken. 

  15. Riccardo CrueltyFree says:

    Anyone know about the ramekin size?

  16. Princess Kainat says:


  17. Anisah Ali says:

    he reminds me of justin timberlake for some strange reason…

  18. gbp323 says:

    i tired your lava cake and its the best thing ive ever baked

  19. Tyronieus says:

    Thought these would be a pain in the ass to make but this was pretty easy.

    Wonder if you can do this with caramel???

  20. Scott T says:

    Its called a fondant not a lava cake.

  21. Daryl Bianca says:

    I feel plumped just by watching this video.

  22. mihaela cristina says:

    niceeee.. eyes :P

  23. Lydia Myung says:

    Can we use cocoa powder?

  24. dinorah dominguez says:

    Hes so hot and he cooks ! Your wife is lucky sir.

  25. laura teran says:

    Now I’m hungry

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