Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Science Behind the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph
Soft and chewy, thin and crisp, or cakey? How do you like your chocolate chip cookies? Here’s the answer to creating your perfect chocolate chip cookie.

The Science Behind the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

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  1. Iren Kolar says:

    The real conundrum is deciding which kind you like best ! … Give me all
    of them . 

  2. Hanna K. Historillo says:

    I would like to Bake the cookies. Can someone translate the cups because i
    am from germany and i dont have cups or Butter sticks

  3. pam hc says:

    i have a chocolate chip cookie question. a friend of mine made THE BIGGEST
    chocolate chip cookies i have ever seen. they were easily the size of
    salad plates and they were cooked perfectly. she would never tell me the
    secret. WHAT IS THE SECRET? 

  4. Sweet y Salado says:

    You break everything down so well that it’s so easy to understand. Love
    this show!

  5. SerAaron VA says:

    I like this guy. Keep up the good work!

  6. Seonyoung Lee says:

    Loved the video!!!! Could you do a video on fudgy chewy brownie vs soft
    cakey brownie?? Some recipes call cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate
    chips, some require bp or no bp. Also why would brownie mix requires oil
    instead of butter? Would using oil make the brownie more fudgy? I always
    liked brownies made from premix but whenever i decided to bake it from
    scratch it always ends up being too cakey.

  7. Nino Hasan says:

    Hi… Loved the video… But can you please let me know how many grams is
    your butter stick… Because a bit bigger that what we have here in
    Dubai… Thank you in advance…

  8. Olivia Dee says:

    This is one of the most informative videos I’ve ever seen!

  9. dav4o8 says:

    WOW this video answered so many questions I had about baking. Absolutely
    amazing video!

  10. Ariana Reyes says:

    Can Kitchen Conundrums have its own channel? I love the tips and learning
    alot from it. :))))

  11. Carolyn Law says:

    I did the thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies last night, they taste
    amazing! The recipe says bake for 15 mins, but they did crispy only the
    edges, was chewy in the center. I tried to bake my second tray for 25 mins,
    they came out perfect, every bite was crispy. The only problem is the
    cookie dought melted very fast in the oven, became a very large cookie.And
    they did not shape as well as you did in the video. Could you solve this
    for me? Thanks…

  12. SimplyBakingJr. says:

    My cupcakes always turn out dry and sometimes doughy, What do I do?

  13. Alima Abdymomunova says:

    I made the soft and chewy cookies just now and they turned out wonderful!
    All I have to say is to closely monitor them because they burn very easily.
    Even 1 extra minute can burn them. Also, for me, 2 cups of chocolate chips
    were way too much. Finally, space them out more than you think they need to
    be, they spread out A LOT!

  14. brazilianeyes13 says:

    Could I substitute the brown sugar for regular sugar? I don’t have that on
    hand and don’t know how it would affect the cookies. I would like to make
    the thin and crispy cookie.

  15. The_CulinaryKid says:

    Soda spreads, powder puffs.. Never thought of it that way!! Definitely
    taking notes!! Subscribed! 🙂 

  16. AnaKatrizzleFoShizzl says:

    I am literally obsessed with Thomas Joseph.

  17. Ms.Deb says:

    Thank you so much I was invited to a cookie exchange and was terrified that
    I was assigned to chocolate chip cookies…I followed your soft and chewy
    recipe and they were perfect!!!!! Everyone loved them…especially my
    husband!!!!! Thank you!

  18. James Ownbey says:

    Made thse tonight with my kids for santa and they came out perfect!!! Soft
    and chewy. Thank you, Merry Christmas

  19. Tonya Gordon says:

    my “cakey” cookies will not puff up..but they taste great..

  20. Dbl Dee says:

    I made the soft and chewy cookies today and they were GREAT! Thank you for
    this video, I finally have the right consistency.

  21. Miriam Vazquez says:

    I love you… THANK YOU!!!

  22. Sal Pat says:

    I made this and they were perfect i made large ones thank you soooo much 

  23. Abby is Daydreaming says:

    I’ve done this 4 and the soft chewy one turned into a cakey one. I added
    more flour because mine wasn’t like a dough usually for other cookie
    recipes can u help me!!!!!!! Please I want to try again today reply ASAP
    thank u.

  24. TheZeZeMe says:

    Is it weird that the entire time, I could only concentrate on how
    attractive he is? Plus, this was so helpful because there’s so many recipes
    with different results, truly a “kitchen conundrum”. :D

  25. arentol99 says:

    Could you be a little more specific on the total cooking time? What to
    watch for to ensure that they are fully cooked? Thanks.

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