Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bomb


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Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bomb Recipe details:


25 Responses to Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bomb

  1. How To Cook That says:

    What’s inside?

  2. susan pointer says:

    Awesome video! I enjoy all your videos. I have a brain tumor and sometimes
    when I’m not feeling well I’ll be awake in the middle of the night and
    tonight i just happened to be, and at 4:15ish i received notification that
    you uploaded your video, so a bad night turned into a pretty good night. I
    look forward to your videos every week you’re extremely talented. 

  3. JustEmma XD says:

    1000th liker !!!!! Love your videos never miss one !!! ☺☺

  4. Holly Silvester says:

    LOL are you speaking from experience when you say not to touch the sugar ?

  5. elax R says:

    Woo-whee! I bet this is a really sweet dessert, I do love how it’s called a
    “bomb” though.
    I know if I were to serve this to someone I would probably shout “ka-POW!”
    as I poured on the caramel sauce…haha.

  6. Kiera Valikie says:

    Wow, very rich 😀 but awesome, i love caramel. Every week I waiting for
    Friday come as soon as possible to watch your new video 😀 

  7. Mallaurie Gallay says:

    OMG i simply love what you do! i live in France but i grew up in england
    and you inspired me to open my own cake and dessert cafe/shop in england
    when i get out of cooking school! thank you so much for everything you do
    throughout your videos!you have a great talent!<3

  8. Ylvachan Ishimaru says:

    Hi Ann! I’m a thirteen years old swedish girl and I’m a huge fan of your
    channel. I really love your videos, you make really cool things and you
    make it very easy to understand exactly how your doing everything and how
    people can make it themselves. Even though your channel is great, I think
    it would be very nice if you wrote out the recipe amounts in ml to. That is
    the measurment we use in sweden and it quite hard to measure stuff out
    without knowing how many ml your supposed to use. I hope that you can
    understand what I want (since my spelling and grammar is quite bad) and
    that it won’t be to much trouble for you to do this. Thank you! :-)

  9. Alicia Apenhoofd says:

    I did something wrong with the caramel, i used milk instead of cream. 🙁
    Now i have a bunch of something yellow .. :(

  10. sparklingbeauty101 says:

    I love your videos, I wish you posted more! I get so excited on Fridays
    because you post on Friday’s 

  11. CBA says:

    I would substitute the peanuts for walnuts and omit the caramel, and make
    them slightly smaller. This way I can serve them as a Christmas dessert and
    not take any attention away from the other foods.

  12. Chef Stef says:

    WOAH! This was SO cool to watch. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.
    I’ve never seen something like this. I bet it was delicious!!

  13. Alysha3564 says:

    Ann plz make a porcupine cake or a minecraft cake

  14. Julianna Ulla says:

    I’ve always wondered this, if you live in Australia, why do you use
    Fahrenheit and not Celsius? 

  15. Donal Skehan says:

    Oooh had one of these in London! Such a great dessert- a proper

  16. Allison Six says:

    I love your accent it’s really cool! Also I love your videos they are so
    awesome they inspire me to do more things like this

  17. Home Cooking Adventure says:

    Oh my.. this is looking totally irresistible for a sweets lover like me. 

  18. Siddarth mohan says:

    i made this lovely dessert and it came out really nicely. I didnt have a
    spherical mould so i used cupcake liners instead and they worked out
    perfectly adding that awesome design that cupcake liners have. Thanks again
    for the recipe 

  19. Thehorsegal123 says:

    I totally cant wait to make this!!!! It look so good! Anne every single one
    of ur vids are awesome!! I just have one question, for the cream, is it
    heavy cream or light cream, i live in new england

  20. Gouravager says:

    This is deadly, do you think using nutella instead of peanut butter would
    work? I have friends with peanut allergies

  21. Mabi Alt says:

    “A bad burn” is definately an understatement. I spilled some of that on my
    index finger and went into shock after a few minutes, almost passing out.
    Ended up having a burn all the way to the bone, and could not use the
    finger for a month. So seriously: BE CAREFUL WITH THE HEATED SUGAR!!!

  22. Adam Liss says:

    What could be better than chocolate? Chocolate that entertains you before
    you eat it!

    I might use cashews instead of peanuts. Oh, and I caught one horrendous
    error about 25 seconds into the video, when she instructs us to “tip it
    upside-down and give it a shake to let any excess [chocolate] drip out.”


  23. Feride Redif says:

    Im allergic to nuts, what can i replace with it?? Plz answer! :(

  24. david edwards says:

    I made this for my family and they loved it especially my mum

  25. Abby Girl says:

    A good idea for a video is you ask people what their favorite candy is and
    you can show us a cupcake and frosting recipe and then you put those
    candies on top 🙂 (like you did with the apps and Youtubers)

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