Chocolate Brownies

Easy Chocolate Brownies Recipe !
I’ll show you how to easy it is to make really moist and chewy chocolate brownies

This recipe is great, another no fail recipe you should have on hand. Made with Hershey’s chocolate chips ( semi-sweet ) and cocoa power, and butter, this is one rich treat full of yummy goodness !

25 Responses to Chocolate Brownies

  1. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Jane Narciso You must link your Google PLus and Youtube accounts so that I
    can reply directly to your comment. — In theory you can bake them at
    only 250 degrees F because brownies don’t need to rise like a cake. I
    would like to know *why* you wish to bake at 250 degrees *F* 

  2. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Diego Laparra Hi Diego, chocolate chips can be found in every store,
    grocery store, corner store, Wal-mart, etc… they are everywhere. I’d be
    surprised if any country did not have them somewhere. I am curious where
    you live, that you don’t have these available to you. To answer your
    question, yes, you can use a chocolate bar, it will give you the same
    thing, so do not worry about this. 

  3. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Nur Hafiezahanie You are in luck, all purpose flour is the same as plain

  4. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Irina Joykillingston Hi Irina, I don’t really understand your question…
    if your pan is too small, you can bake one then bake it again ( use the
    small pan 2 times ) or use a larger pan if you have one.

  5. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Nur Shafikah Hello, you must link your youtube and google accounts
    together so that I can reply to your comment. At the moment nobody can
    reply to comments you make on videos . To directly answer your questions:
    3/4 cup of butter = 170 grams.

  6. Brooklyn Anderson says:

    I’ve tried this and it was the best brownies recipe ever.. Thanks

  7. Blanca Aragon Mariscal says:

    They look like delicious bite sized brownies! Amazing brownies!

  8. BakeLikeAPro says:

    +Lakshmi Ramani Hi Lakshmi, yes you may use granulated sugar also. Just a
    quick note – you must link your Youtube and Google Plus accounts, at the
    moment nobody can directly reply to any comment you leave on a Youtube

  9. julieagarwal says:

    Wow. I would love to check out your new recipe from now as I trust your
    recipe… Lol
    I wish I could share pic with you but I think I’m not allowed to do that,
    am I? Thanks a lot once again for your wonderful recipe. 

  10. HoweeCrykresianXD says:

    Really wish I had Hershey’s chocolate chips xD 

  11. Carlos Cores says:

    Thanks so much!!!! I just made these brownies and they taste amazing!

  12. 3yar1983 says:

    What is the substitute of chocolate chips ?! Can i use a regular chocolate
    bar from supermarket ?! Like Galaxy or Cadbory’s ?! If yes how many bars u
    think i need ? Thank you

  13. Elvira Natasha says:

    Can i use mixer instead of whisk??

  14. Piedutch says:

    Tried it out, amazing recipe, cheerios!

  15. Saul Zuniga says:

    Thats a fucking thumbs up!

  16. Blaine Winston says:

    they look like they’re from heaven

  17. Syed Ahad says:

    What can i use instead of chococips

  18. ItsLuckyyy says:

    Great video

  19. Beverly Williams says:

    Love the brownies

  20. MissMGirl m says:

    It’s a great recipe but can u not using cocoa powder

  21. CLASHER NIKI says:

    and ps. this is the best chanel on youtube about baking u need more subs :(

  22. CLASHER NIKI says:

    +BakeLikeAPro btw I love how u like reply to peoples comments 😀 unlike
    some ……

  23. Alysscille Manatad says:

    Hi! I like your Videos and it seems like so easy to do it.

  24. Elly Elysees says:

    Can I use another powder other then coco?

  25. Danelle sairhfrtrff says:


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