Apple Crisp

How to Make Apple Crisp – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 195
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25 Responses to Apple Crisp

  1. Alexa Krznaric says:

    Ni want to do this for Thanksgiving even though I’m a kid but I want my mom
    to do it with me

  2. Alexa Krznaric says:
  3. Christina F says:

    I’ve made this every thanksgiving since this has came out and I love it
    every time!!

  4. Huynh Nguyen says:

    Stop killing me

  5. Hoi-Yi Ho says:

    I just made this and omg it’s soooo good! :3 thanks for sharing <3

  6. Master Gradius says:

    i followed the recipe but substituted a clementine and a whole lemon for
    the 1/2 lemon and whole orange (i didn’t have an orange!) and it still
    turned out all right. should have added more butter, a higher proportion of
    oats and brown sugar to the filling than the recipe called for. live and
    learn. still, thank you laura for the easy recipe.

  7. soyla reyes says:

    Gonna make this today :)

  8. YuLin Koh says:

    just made this today and it was so good~~!! >.< especially the texture...thanks for the recipe ;)

  9. Nathan Franzen says:

    Nice tits

  10. tangytartare says:

    Hi +Laura in the Kitchen i dont have any pie or casserole dish. Can i use a
    disposable one instead? Thanks! I love your channel and keep posting :)

  11. Michelle Lonsdale says:

    For you, what is the difference between a crumble and a crisp?

  12. Safa Ahmed says:

    Why does it say add brown sugar to the topping in the written recipe? You
    added white sugar

  13. tonjia edwards says:

    i tried this recipe and it was so delicious

  14. Snake571 says:

    isn’t this similar to apple crumble? what’s the main difference?

  15. Kappucino Kiss says:

    This turned out really great couldnt find macintosh apples so I used granny
    smith apples, it turned out perfect thanks

  16. niecy niece says:

    Just made this and its yummy! Thanks alot Laura

  17. faridah doyle says:

    Yummy, apple crumble.

  18. Andrew Debby says:

    Apple crisp cheesecake pleaseee 🙂 btw, i LOVE u laura

  19. Lina Kim says:

    can i use any type of apple?
    or do i have to use macintosh apples?

  20. Lina Kim says:

    how many apples do i need for this recipe?

  21. Mahiru says:

    I love that food blanket term lol.

  22. Viriny Kanlab says:

    Watched this yesterday and tried it yesterday..
    All I can say is OMG!!

  23. Jeanette Lim says:

    When she said, “Thats it!” I was like whaat,,,

  24. Humanscale says:

    no vanilla extract?!??! not even a tad??? SMH

  25. Aatika Aasim says:

    mm looks good but how many apples do you need

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